You, Sovereign mistress of my heart


Written by Kierkegaard, posted on June 5, 2022






[1] “Regina”[译者说明:“Regina”是克尔凯郭尔在后来加上的,拉丁语“女王;公主;女主人”的意思,也是丹麦名字瑞吉娜(Regine)的拉丁语形式]

You, Sovereign mistress of my heart [Added later: “Regina.”], hidden in the deepest privacy of my breast, in my most brimming thoughts on life, there, where it is just as far to heaven as to hell—unknown divinity! Oh, can I really believe the poets’ tales that when one sees the beloved for the first time one believes one has seen her long before; that all love, like all knowledge, is recollection; that love too has its prophecies, its types, its myths, its Old Testament in the single individual. Everywhere, in every girl’s face, I see a trace of your beauty, but it seems to me that I would have to have all girls in order to extract your beauty from all of theirs; that I’d have to circumnavigate the earth to find that continent which I lack, and that the deepest secrecy of my entire ‘I’ nevertheless points to it as its pole;—and in the next moment you are so near to me, so present, so powerfully making my spirit whole, that I am transfigured in my own eyes and feel that here is a good place to be.… You blind god of love! You who see in secret, will you tell me openly? Shall I find what I am seeking here in this world, shall I experience the conclusion of all my life’s eccentric premises, shall I enclose you in my arms—or

Does the order say: onward?

Have you gone ahead, you my longing; do you summon me, transfigured, from another world? Oh, I would cast everything aside to become light enough to follow you.

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